Going to Italy with only $7 000

 I`m going to Italy on May 30th at 2:30 p.m. I bought a round trip ticket at Tap for $964 its ridiculously cheap especially for a round ticket but I trust it. I`ll be bringing no one with me because my siblings are too little to come, so I`ll be going alone. I have $6 036 left, it well tack about 19 hours and 55 minutes to get to the capital city of Italy which is Rome. I arrive at Florence Airport and get a cab to go to The Western Excelsior which takes around 23 minutes. The cab is about $30, and the hotel is about $200 1 day, meaning I have $5 806 left to spend. I will stay there for the rest of the day. The next day. There is an in-room delivery service and there is a buffet downstairs which serves you an Italian breakfast it also is with the $200 you pay. After breakfast I`ll pack and get a cab to go to Pantheon which is 2 hours and 58 minutes away. That is $40 and I`ll be staying at Domna luxury its for 2 night which is $467. I have about $5 299 left for 4 days to spend, as I get there I`ll go to my room to get free Wi-Fi. After I plan what I`m going to do for the 4 days I see the Pantheon I don`t have to pay because I`m under 18. I will be looking at the tombs and the chapel inside the Pantheon, after I`ll go to the Scusate il Ritardo to get some food. I well order a pizza which is about $5, after eating I`ll go shopping for souvenirs. That well be about $30, then I`ll walk back to my hotel and stay there to rest of the day. In total today I spend $35 meaning I only have $5 264 left to spend, for my dinner there is a buffet downstairs so I`ll eat there. The next day. I`ll start packing my stuff for tomorrow, after packing I`ll go out to have breakfast in a Pizza E Mozzarella. I`ll order La Dalicata, which is $10 and a coffee which is a $1, after that I`ll go visit the Tiber River which takes about 1 hour and 22 minutes from Pantheon to the Tiber River. I must pay about $20 if I take the cab, when I get there I`ll get to ride a boat then that cost $30 after that I`ll go back to the hotel which cost another $20. The total cost I paid today was $81 I have $5 183, the next day which is going to be my last day I`ll have my breakfast at the hotel and then get out of there my stuff is still there I`ll get it later. I`ll go to shops to buy some stuff for my siblings which is $200 then I`ll go for a walk and get some pasta which is $20 and then go back to get my stuff. After I`ll go to the airport that well cost $30 then I`ll board the airplane, I spent $2 067 I have $4 953 left that is the end of my travel to Italy bye. 

Cotton candy clouds

                                         By: Reiane 

         Is it just me but when I look up at the sky, I sometimes see puffy looking clouds which remind me of Cotton candy. Do you also think they look like cotton candy? I mean to me they do, what do you see when you look at clouds? 

         If you don`t know what cotton candy is it’s a puffy light candy, which is very light like a cotton ball and when you eat it melts in your mouth. It also looks like a cloud that is why I think clouds look like cotton candy, if you still don`t understand me please look at the picture below. I also think that clouds somehow taste like cotton candy, but its not true! Clouds Do Not Taste like cotton candy, they would taste like water because the cloud would do a process called “Evaporation” where the clouds the water would turn in a vapor, and tiny water drops start to float to the air. The tiny drops would wait until the cloud is full of dust, pollen, and tiny other drops of water and it would rain. This also happens in winter, but it gets so cold that the water turns into a snowflake, and that is why you don`t eat snow because it has pollen and water which is not clean. 

         Anyway, that is why I think clouds look like cotton candy, and just remember clouds do not taste like cotton candy they taste like water. That is the end of my blog bye~ 

 Picture of cloud and cotton candy together: 

Would you like to live in a Library, Zoo, or Musem and you’ll stay there for the rest of your life

I mean I would like to go somewhere quit, like a library and read but I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life that’s just not me. I mean there are some fun things to do at the library, but I would also want to have someone to talk to me. I could also sleep on the library couch. I can talk to someone who goes to the library, but they might be there to just read some books and get some quit that’s no use.

A zoo? I mean that’s pretty good there’s lots of people I can talk to and there are real animals not just books. I can work there for a $10 an hour and have some money so I can buy stuff from the gift shop, I can work with my favorite animals. I can also talk to some of the people who are coming to see the animals, but I don`t really like working under the sun and thinking of running everywhere to get to places is not my thing. Just imaging carrying an umbrella everywhere to get places under the sun, that’s not that bad but running when it’s hot? Nope! Museums? I can live with that; I want a huge museum so there will be enough room. There would be a place for me to sleep maybe on those fancy bed rooms where famous people use to sleep on. I also could see some old artifacts that I never seen before; I could also work there for some money like I would at the zoo. I want to also learn some stuff, I could also get a online job from a computer and get some money. When I have enough, I could buy the museum and move some stuff around. I also have lots of people coming that gives me money from tickets, I can live there for my whole life being rich.

Where would you like to live? In a Library, Zoo, or a Musem? There are lots of other places that you could live your whole life without leaving. Where would you like to live between these 3 choices?

Thats the end of my blog thank you for reading.

Diary of Arina Zira

By: Reianne

Authers note: This is just a fun story that I made in class no hate. Anyway, enjoy my story.

 . Dear diary, today was a very exiting day. We went to the park, to celebrate my sister (Amber`s) birthday. She turned 20, my mama was incredibly happy that she was turning 27 she said it was the age to get married. Anyway, there were lots of people, mostly our relatives there were so many gifts I`m so happy for Amber. She gave you to me Diary she said she didn`t want you so she told me I can have you. 

Tuesday, Oct 4, 2028 

Early morning  

 It`s still that very dark outside, I can see the stars outside from my window. It rained a little last night after the party, It`s very cold here in Canada. I am still getting used to this kind of weather it`s my second time seeing snow falling and I love the white flakes falling. 

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2028 

Late night                                                                                                             

 Dear diary, sorry I didn`t write in you yesterday. I was going to write in you, but I was doing my homework and didn`t have time and this morning I had to help Amber pack her because she was going to college. I had no time when I was done helping her, I was late for school, so my mom drove to my school. I was extremely late for school and my best friend Rou was not there, it was a very boring day. 

Thursday, Oct 6, 2028 

Past Midnight 

 Dear diary, something happened I was sleeping until a huge “Boom!” Woke me up. It`s about 1 am and Amber keeps yelling about something. I can`t sleep all I can hear was Amber yelling and animals from a nearby farm. 



 Dear diary, you can`t believe what happened. It`s all over the news, a meteor hit nearby Winnipeg. No one got hurt I`m so happy to hear, the news also said that some thing or things are on our moon. There also won`t be power in Winnipeg for a while, good thing I live in town, so we have a little power. 

Friday, Oct 7, 2028 

Late night  

 Dear diary, I am very tired tonight I did a lot today and I`m exhausted. We went to town today to get some flowers for my grandmother`s garden. I also saw the news this morning and I found out that the meteor was a piece of the moon. A VERY BIG PIECE. My grandma got so shocked that she fainted, me and Amber thought that grandma was over working. So, we decided that we would go to town to get some flowers for her. Me and Amber went and tock a taxi to town and went to the most beautiful flower shop in town. It was owned by one of grandma’s friends Mrs. Anne she was the only person that I knew from town, and I lived there for all my life. We bought some of grandma’s favorite flower there called poinsettias, we decided on seeds rather than the full-grown one’s grandma loved to grow flowers. 

Monday, Oct 11, 2028 

Early morning 

Dear diary, I`m sorry I didn`t write in you on the weekend thing shave been hectic we planted the seed on Saturday, and we had a picnic on Sunday. I`m writhing this incredibly early so I will not forget what I did this weekend. 



 Dear diary, I do not know what is happening, the news is telling people to move south I do not know why. Any way I helped my neighbor get their animals in a car there moving south, my mom was talking with them I could not clearly what she said but I heard a few words like. “Moving…South…. Next week” I think were moving but I hope not. There is no school today. 

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2028 

Late night 

 There is no school either today, mom said we were moving in a few days. I do not want to leave, a tear dropped on a word, and it made an ink from one of the words unreadable. 

Wednesday, Oct 13, 2028 

Late night 

 I`m done packing my stuff and I`m just waiting for my mom to come to my room to comfort me. My grandma also wanted us to pick our favorite plant from her garden so we can bring it along with us. 

Thursday, Oct 14,2028 

Late night 

 Me and Amber went to a nearby forest and picked my favorite granny apples. I used to go to that forest with my dad and play there and pick them. My mouth is watering thinking about them. I also love the stream; I love the clear water and the rushing sound of the water. When we got home our grandma cooked 2 apple pies, we also went to town to say goodbye to Mrs. Anne she gave us a couple of poinsettia seeds and we went our way to our summer house to the south. Were driving there, I haven`t even said bye to Rou I hope she`s ok. 

Friday, oct 15, 2028 

Early morning 

 Mom stopped at a gas station to get some gas and food. The gas station lights are flickering I could still write a few words, it is tacking for ever to arrive at our new house we have been driving for 10 hours. Mom is tired but she doesn`t trust run down hotels plus she does not like wasting money, I`m tired but I can`t sleep so I`m writing Amber decided to come with us and live with us for a while. My mom just got back and she`s driving again I`ll write in you later. 



 Dear diary, we arrived at our summer house a few minutes ago. The sun was up, we drove through our new town to get to our house which was close to the sea. The town smelled like fresh baked pancakes and a little bit of salt it is because of the salt water from the beach. Our new house had 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom in each of the bedrooms, 1 huge living room, a big basement which my mom loved, a pool, and a big garden. I love the big window in my room, you can see the beach from here.  

Saturday, Oct 16, 2028 


Me and Amber decided to put our little flowers on the big window in the living room, it looked incredibly beautiful there. Oh! I almost forgot we had a visitor last night, he welcomed us to the town which I found out was called Linborg. The visitor was a young man he was older than me by 7 years, but he was 2 years younger than Amber, his name is Victor. He was genuinely nice, and he lived across from us with his mom, older brother, and his younger sister. My mom invited them for dinner tonight I`m extremely excited for tonight I`m going to be wearing a red dress which matches my black hair. 



The dinner party was canceled because there was another big meteor which hit somewhere in the Pacific ocean and hit a boat. No one got hurt but it took 3 hours for the lifeguards to find them, I am terribly upset. Why are rocks falling on our beautiful earth? 

Sunday, Oct 17, 2028 

  Late night 

 Dear diary, my mom was also terribly upset because of the canceled dinner party so she made invited Victors family to dinner at a restaurant in town. This afternoon we went to the town which was as quiet as the first time we drove through. There was so mushed to get I got a salad and I tried to show my best table manners, but I messed up a couple of times. 

Monday, Oct 18, 2028 


Diary, there was another meteor and this time it was close to our old house. I am very worried about Rou now. I wonder if she is ok. I also forgot to tell you that the government shut down schools for a couple of days in the north. But I`ll be going to school on next Monday I`m so excited. 



 I am very scared diary, there was another meteor and this time it was closer to Linborg. It felt like there was an earth quick for a few seconds, I was in the living room watching tv with Amber and grandma when a huge shaking happened. Mom was at work and after it happened my mom called home in a panicked voice she came home after that. 

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2028 


 Victors’ mom came to our house today and asked if we could take care of Bella (Victor`s younger sister) for a few hours, grandma and mom said yes. Me and Amber played with 5-year-old Bella for about 2 hours until her mom picked her up. My hands hurt and my eyes are heavy I`m going to bed good night. 

Thursday, Oct 20, 2028 

 About 9-10 pm         Victor came to our house and asked if we had seen their dog Bruce, we had not so Victor thanked us and ran back home. 

Friday, oct 20, 2028 

Early morning 

 I don`t know anybody from this town but there was a lot of people at Victors house this morning so me and Amber we`ll be going and helping them find Bruce. 

Friday, Nov 10, 2028 


  Dear diary, I should of never went to help them find Bruce. I would not be in the hospital and wondering what happened. Diary…I was close to dying, I`m incredibly happy that I didn`t die. I do not remember much of what happened, but Amber told me that on that day, that I wanted to find Bruce, we had not watched the news and if we had we would have known a meteor was going to hit Linborg. I was on the shore when this happened, and I was too weak. I got blown in the wind from the impact. I flew and hit my head on a mettle pole, that is what Amber, mom, grandma, and the doctor said. All I can remember was that I was lying on the ground, and I touched my forehead, and a lot of blood got on my hand, and I freaked out for a moment before passing out. When I Wock up I was on the hospital bed and every part of me was numb. I was in a coma for 16 days (about 2 and a half weeks) and I lost a lot of blood. I also could not walk; I still cannot, the doctor said, if it gets bad, we might have to cut it off. I do not want that to happened so I`ll stay strong and hope for the best to come. 

Saturday, Nov 11, 2028 

Afternoon or noon 

 There is a clock in my hospital room, but the nurse said it was broken so I looked outside from my tiny window. It is afternoon because of the way the sun is positioned, I almost forgot to tell you the government have found out what was happening. The rock wasn`t from the moon it was because some meteors were cruising close to earth, they said there would be one more rock and it is going to Hite somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. This is good because it is going to be the last one, but it is going to be the biggest one, the news said there might be no electricity or a week. 

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2028 

Dear diary, the rock hit earth a couple of days ago. I still remember it when I was eating soup with amber on a table in my hospital bed when a loud “boom” and a white light blurred my vision for a couple of seconds. Everyone is ok but I only have one more page left to write in, so I will not waste it. 

Thursday, Nov 12, 2028 

Late night 

Victor visited today he brings a bouquet of firewood flowers how genuinely nice of him too. 

Friday, Nov 16, 2028 

  I can walk again! But not as good as I use to but I`m getting there, I`m so incredibly happy 

Saturday, Nov 17, 2028 

  I do not know what to do diary; I have more space to write but do not know what to write; nothing exciting is happening. 

Sunday, Nov 17, 2028 

Late night 

 It`s grandmas’ birthday we had a huge cake in the hospital with Victors family. 

Monday, Nov 18, 2028, extremely late 

I truly will miss writing in your diary. But I will keep you helping me remember what happened, I also want my kids to know what happened  


Arina went back to school after the government said it was safe to go back to school, she finished high school and graduated. She went to college and graduated, and she turned into a businesswoman and owned a couple companies, she never married but she helped Amber with her kids. Amber went to college and graduated and got married to a guy named Ted. She moved back to their old house and lived there until she died, there mom went to China for a vocation and never came back. Grandma stayed at Linborg and owned a flower shop and died in her sleep. Amber gave her diary to her niece, and it kept going for generations, Amber died in 2048 and she was buried at the forest where her old house was on a little hill close to the stream. 

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed bye.

my top 5 favorite disserts from the Philippines

For my blog today I’ll be doing my top 5 favorite disserts from the Philippines. I was born in the Philippines, but I moved to Canada when I was about 5. Ever since then I could still smell the delicious sent coming from my grandmas’ kitchen. I still do it eat Filipino disserts it’s just that my dad cooks them. I also have a sweet tooth and I wanted to show you my favorite sweets, so let’s get started!


Turon is a Filipino snack made out of long thin slices of banana, then added with brown sugar, rolled in a spring roll wrapped, then fried until crisp. Then they added caramel on top. If you’re craving for something sweet, you can try these yummy snacks you might even become a huge fan of it.

2. Puto

Puto is a Filipino steamed rice cakes, you can eat it with other desserts or coffee if you like. When you take a bite of Puto it is very soft and it might melt in your mouth, people sometimes also put it in banana leaf. I don’t know why they do this, but I think it`s because the smell of the banana leaf.


Biko is a very sweet rice cake which is from the Philippines, it’s made out of coconut milk, brown sugar, ginger, and glutenous rice. The brown stuff on top is melted brown sugar, if you want something sweeter this is for you. I mostly added more sugar in mine cause it not sweet enough.

4.Leche Flan

Leche Flan is a Filippino dessert and is like a caramel custard consisting of milk, sugar, egg yolks, and sometimes a little vanilla. Then it is topped with caramel syrup. I love leche flan it’s so sweet and creamy, we almost always have this at Filipino parties. When you bite into this you well first get the taste of the caramel syrup.


Halo-Halo is my favorite one of all, Halu-halu is spelled like haluhalo in tagalog it means “mixed”. It is consisting with crushed ice, evaporated milk or coconut milk, and of various jellies and beans. I love eating this when it’s really hot outside and while sitting down under the cool shade. You might like the beans in the halo-halo it is very delicious, but it has a very unusual taste after you eat them.

Thats the end of my blog thank you so much for reading.

Adam Levine

Family: Adam Levine was born on March 18, 1979, in Los Angles, South California. His parents our Pasty Noah and Fred Levine they got divorced when Adam was 7, He has 4 siblings their names are Liza Levine, Sam Levine, Michael Levine, and Julie Milne Levine. He has 3 kids their names are Dusty Rose Levine, Gio Grace Levine, and another one on its way. Adam Levine also has a wife her name is Behati Prinsloo she is the mother of his kids.

How he started his career: His Career started when he co-found the band Kara`s flower, he was the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. The band split up after they released their only album.

Awards: 3 Grammy Awards, 2 American Music Awards, an MTV Music Video Award, and a People Choice Award.

Gener: Pop rock

Some movies Adam has been in is: The chess Game and Begin Again.

Band: Adam Levin has a band named Maroon 5 he tis the song writer and the singer of the group.

Songs: Adam Leven has lots of songs that he wrote, and some songs he wrote is Lost stars, Stereo Heart, Gotten, Jager, and Sugar.

A show he was on was: ”I Can See Your Voice” He was on that show for 8 years which was about 16 seasons, but he walked away from the voice because of his family. After leaving the Voice he focused on his wife and his kids.

Thats the end of my blog, thank you for reading.

My little Christmas tree

When does your family put up the Christmas tree? Well, this year my parents put up the Christmas tree in early November. I think it’s the smallest tree I ever seen; the decorations are mostly covering the whole tree and on the very top is a blue clipped star.

I think it’s cute, Its covered with grey and blue glitter because of the glittery decorations. It stands in a corner of my living room, and when you walk in you can’t really see it until you look around then you’ll see a tiny tree standing in the corner. My Christmas tree is on a table because if it wasn’t you wouldn’t see it because it would be behind a big coach. The table that my Christmas tree is on is also very beautiful, it has a big cloth which is white and red it kind of reminds me of Santa Clouse. It also glows when you plug it in it changes colours, and beside it there is also Christmas lights which you can see outside of my living room window.

I love my cute Christmas tree it has everything that a Christmas tree should have, It has beautiful decorations and it has a star on top. It has lights (not all Christmas trees have lights that’s ok if yours don’t). My tree is very unique, but one thing that I would change is that we should get a real tree and not a fake one but that’s ok.

Thats the end of my blog, thank you for reading.

Home alone on a rainy day

Is it just me but I love rainy days It makes me feel relaxed and calms me down when I’m not having good day. I like sitting in my room listening to calm music while I look outside at the rain falling, I especially like it when I’m home alone my house is so quit and I’m just in my living room listening to my songs.

To be honest I like being home alone while its raining rather then hanging around people like my friends…..sometimes. I like the sound when the rain hits the roof of my house, I also like doing my homework or other work while its raining. I like how quit my house is when I’m home alone, I like doing small chores while alone at home or just doing nothing and just listening to music. Am I also the only one who likes taking a nap while its raining and when no ones home? I hope not, I just like the sound of the rain and how it calms me down. I like dancing when its raining and when I’m home alone, I NEVER dance when my parents are home I would of turn red from embarrassment I mean its good if you like dancing in front of your parents but I just don’t like it.

I also like it when cars drive by while it’s raining, I like watching them…. That ISNT weird right? Nah that isn’t weird, I hope. Anyways I just really like it when it`s raining and I’m home alone, I think I explained all the things I like about it.

That is the end of my blog, thank you for reading my blog.